Testimonials and Inspiring Stories

img_5701-3   Jess Franklin 

I have been blessed to have been able to receive several Harmonyum from Claudia. She gives the treatments with grace so as to hold a space for receiving the healing impact that comes through Harmonyum.  Each time I received a treatment with Claudia I could feel the stress melt away to create space for rejuvenation in my body and mind. I can remember one particular instance when I received a Harmonyum from Claudia. I had been struggling with TMJ for a few weeks. My jaw had been locked up. I had been to the dentist and had followed his advice without any results. Three weeks later Claudia gave me a Harmonyum treatment and the next morning I woke up to find that my jaw had finally unlocked. Since then, my jaw has not locked up again, and that has been over two years now. Harmonyum releases so much stress from your body, it is truly an amazing healing for your entire being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

img_1522   Teresa Coltrin

Harmonyum is a wonderful emotional and physical healing. I had no idea what to expect when I first stared receiving treatments from Claudia but I quickly decided my time with Claudia and Harmonyum is a must have practice for me. Claudia’s healing touch really helps you relax through the process. Claudia is great about explaining how the process works and what you can expect throughout the process. The biggest gift Harmonyum gave me was the chance to review past events with clarity and release the thoughts and emotions my body was holding on to. Each week I started to feel lighter and my head started to feel more clear. I highly recommend this process to anyone that is working on healing both mentally, emotionally and physically and I highly recommend doing this process with Claudia.