Harmonyum Healing

What is Harmonyum?

Are you having problems reprogramming your brain to have positive thoughts, and your body to have pleasant feelings?

Do you feel that no matter how great you are doing your self work, you can’t keep it through the day or week?

Harmonyum healing, is a gift from the Universe, to help to move old negative thoughts and feelings, that feed constant stress and deplete health. Harmonyum open the door to state of conscious creation in every aspect of the life. Is here, where energy find matter.

“Before any physical  symptoms manifest in the body, they are created first in the mind.”

Ancient cultures always knew that to initiate permanent healing, one must first address the disharmony within the spiritual body. If treating solely the physical body, where the root of disease is not present, the sickness it will reappear.”

Dr. Michael Joseph Levry, is a world renowned guru, teacher and spiritual leader. He is creator of Harmonyum and Naam Yoga , a rather new therapy in the landscape of energy medicine

In any disease there is a connection between the mental, astral and physical body. Dr Levry says:“ The mental plane is the world of thoughts and ideas, whereas the astral plane is the world of feelings. img_0301To manifest an idea or mental picture on the physical plane, you must to attach feeling to it.My way to explained is, the thinking that one is worthless, a manifestation of the mental plane, makes one feel worthless, a manifestation of the astral plane, which is finally manifested  as a sickness on the physical plane.I agree with Dr. Levry when he writes that is hard, but not impossible, to change the way we think. This is why he says it is better to work with the astral body, or feelings, and from the astral body, create positive changes in the mind.


It is said that through the sympathetic nervous system, the astral body transmits unhealthy vibrations coming from the mind to the physical body, thereby creating disease. The way we think, feel, speak, and act determines how healthy or unhealthy we are. “What we send out, we get back”.This powerful healing technique was designed for the modern human condition and the wisdom behind it comes from restored ancient technology. Harmonyum works at the level of the DNA, which is the blueprint the body follows for growth, regeneration and all biological processes.


It has long being understood by most healers, that there are spiritual centers responsible of our health located inside the head and along the spine. Many illnesses are caused by a deviation of the spinal column, a pinched nerve, or an injured disc. Since the organs are dependent on the nerves, you cannot cure a diseased organ if you ignore the nerves that support it.spineThe spine also serves as a bridge between the brain and the rest of the body. The spine is a heavenly magnet, whose north pole is found at the divine glands and whose south pole is found in the coccyx.  Through Harmonyum the spiritual spine molecules are realigned upward toward the divine glands. Then divine love can flow from the heart center, through the spine, to the brain creating a platform for mental, emotional and physical wellness.


The heart holds a place of supreme importance because of its mystical connection. It is considered to be more than just a pump but also a connection between the human soul and the Infinite.Ancient traditions state that the heart grants Spirit to every cell. shinning-heartAccording to quantum physics and biology, it is the heart that establishes the vibration of the body, and this vibration is read for all the body’s systems that calibrated accordingly.While scientists and holistic doctors have identified risk factors, developed treatment strategies and recognized the need for stress management, they have not developed specific treatment protocols that address the infinite nature of the heart. This is one condition that highlights the intersection of physical medicine and spirituality.


Every child has the need of fulfilled love.  When a child grows into adulthood having never received Love, that loss will be felt for the rest of his life.Unfortunately, in adulthood, it becomes difficult for us to know how to express that loss. naam-roseWe end up looking everywhere for it without ever really knowing what that “it” is, even engaging in alcohol and drug abuse, and all forms of addiction. This missing Love is at the root of all unhealthy relationships and emotional disturbances. In other words, if a child is missing some aspect of the Love he or she needed to receive, that gap will seek to be filled at all costs. Harmonyum Healing will help filled that gap by releasing an enormous amount of Divine Love. Harmonyum removes everything that holds us back, so make you free. It releases in us those forces through which the negative influences from the past can be eliminated so that we may find what we love, do what we love, and love what we do.


Harmonyum raises the vibratory of the whole spiritual body, so can heal chronic illness and neutralize traumatic experiences, the birth process or even past lifetimes. Harmonyum  creates  permanent healing within the body through the elimination of negative patterns, because the photograph negative is destroy. A treatment can gently eliminates destructive energies such as anger, fear, stress, and anxiety and replaces them with feelings of peace and serenity. It induces a psychological shift, which allows you to become aware of the causes induced by your thoughts and actions. harmonyum-4In other words, Harmonyum creates self healing by expanding your awareness of how cause-and-effect impacts your life. By changing behaviors and attitudes, you may undo and control the damages caused by living in disharmony. In addition, your daily practice in awareness starts to free your power of choice  in how to think and act.This in turn replaces the habits that keep you in the cycle of negative patterns, then you begin to understand and know your body and how it reacts to your attitudes.In other words, your growing awareness enables you to make conscious choices to behave in ways that support your positive growth, thus replacing the cycle of negativity with living in new positive possibilities.

Harmonyum is the divine Doctor for this age and beyond. It turns your whole body into an energetic lighthouse, while promoting health and longevity and developing your own intuition.

Harmonyum is Safe for Everyone

  • Infants and Children
  • Pregnant Women
  • Compatible with any Medical Treatment or Natural Therapy
  • No Side Effects or Risks
  • No Contraindications

Below is a description of Harmonyum, adapted from Dr. Levry’s Los Angeles center website:This gentle, relaxing, non-invasive hand’s-on modality helps strengthen and balance the autonomic nervous system, thereby promoting the body’s capacity to heal itself.It is safe to use for any health condition with no side effects or risk of pharmaceutical interactions.  Harmonyum may serve as a complimentary treatment for patients who may be undergoing other medical therapies, including cancer therapies, as part of palliative care.

The Harmonyum Healing System is a hands on energy healing system that utilizes the energy of the givers hands and nervous system. Interestingly, the practitioner is taught to use their innate capacity as a human, to serve as a conduit for the most balanced, heart nourishing pulsations of the Sun to recalibrate the nervous system and heart of the recipient. This system specifically includes protocols that address the heart, nervous system and brain. These techniques are completely safe and compliment any other therapy that a person may already be using.

harmonyum-pic-3Harmonyum treatments promote deep relaxation and a sense of calm while encouraging the recipients self-healing mechanism to calibrate a healthy neural set point for the heart and all other metabolic functions. When a person is in this particular state of rest, achieved through this treatment, it is similar to a state of conscious meditation where wellness and awareness merge. Truths about life, health and hope shine through, totally derived from within, unaffected by outside individuals or the practitioner. The principles put into practice in the Harmonyum Healing System are derived from Divine Spiritual Wisdom and are becoming increasingly recognized in the field of quantum physics.

Receiving Harmonyum on a regular basis will connect you with your higher self. Then, your intuitive intelligence will cause you to have knowledge of those things that you need to know, those things that your soul requires most, those healing things that need to be done, along with the healthy thoughts you need to allow into your mind so that you can be in harmony with the Universe.