How Harmonyum Healing System originated?

Harmonyum belongs to a chain of light, that is the lineage of those once worshipped in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. During this period in human history, health was of the utmost importance. People with pristine power accessed the astral body (emotions) and aura in order to heal the physical body without causing side effects.

During challenging periods in history, the heavens choose an initiate to whom the healing method is revealed. That person is someone who has been spiritually prepared throughout many incarnations to carry this Divine Healing. Harmonyum it is a transmission, passed on through the chain of light. Before this transmission can occur, the heavens must bestow its power. Today, there is one sole living master, as an extension of the invisible Community of Light, with the wisdom to transmit the science of Harmonyum.

Which are the pathways Harmonyum System use to heals the recipient?

During treatment, potentially harmful energies are cleared from the aura while, at the same time, the recipient’s innate gifts are brought to the fore. Keep in mind that ideas that do not manifest remain unassimilated desires. As such, they accumulate in the mind,where they form mental toxins. Eventually, mental toxins create astral debris that have a negative impact on the mind, body and spirit. As a result, metabolic inefficiency sets in and the blood and tissues of the body become polluted. Indeed, the presence of toxins in the body is the primary reason that microbes develop into full blown disease. Emotional disturbances due to a lack of love affect the liver, blood and heart, while negative thinking affects the chest and wrong action affects digestion. Right thought, feeling, speech and action, along with the will to manifest our deepest, purest desires keeps the bodily systems, and the blood in particular, pure and clean so that disease is unable to flourish. Harmonyum works on your physical body through your spiritual body. It works on your emotions and thoughts. It will heal your heart, make your mind clear and brighten your energy. Indeed, Harmonyum delivers the recipient to a state of indescribable healing by opening the channels of the body and expanding its healing light from the inside out. As the sunlight fluid circulates, it changes the molecular composition of the cells. Now, they are more energy than matter.

Can Harmonyum open or reveals painful emotions?. What is that is too much for me?

The energy of Harmonyum cannot dwell with darkness in the same environment. When the light enters a patient, all darkness is revealed. The patient is called upon to face this darkness, whether it comes in the form of an unhealthy relationship, discontent with a career choice, or negative thought patterns and habits. That is why it is important to give the patient time to heal. The person receiving Harmonyum may be detoxing or experiencing a healing crisis. The process of Harmonyum is an ongoing state of transmutation. When a person seeks out Harmonyum, it means that they have made contact with their innate intelligence and are ready to explore the potential of transmuting darkness into light.

What kind of health problems and or imbalances Harmonyum address?

Harmonyum is an holistic system that addresses emotional and physical imbalances. When your head and your heart operate independently of each other, emotional and mental issues arise. It is excellent for pain, insomnia, hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety, depression, lack of direction, learning disorders, negative thoughts, fertility, heart disease and immune system challenges. Harmonyum strengthens and balances the autonomous nervous system, thereby promoting the body’s capacity to heal itself and slow the aging process.

How exactly  Harmonyum is performed?

This is a a very gentle, relaxing, non-invasive hand’s-on modality. Level I works along the entire length of the spine, with a soothing continuous touch.  In Level II, hands are six inches above the frontal body. The heart, solar plexus, liver, spleen, kidneys and reproductive system are energized. They receive high amounts of  life force that give them a jump start.

What I should feel during and after a session?

During the treatment, normally one will feel very relax and fall asleep. Rarely but not unusual one can cry. Harmonyum open wounds and remove old blocks of energy; crying is one of the ways that emotion can be released.

After a treatment, one experiences a deep sense  of calm, relaxation, and vitality. Every part of the body is charged with a gentle pranic energy. As a result of the Harmonyum treatment, the eyes become bright and the complexion noticeably radiant.Furthermore, it makes the aura beautiful and magnetic.Some people have reported the disappearance of chronic conditions after only a few treatments; more serious conditions may need regular sessions in order to completely rejuvenate the body.

“When you touch a person’s heart you touch his whole being.When you heal a person’s heart you heal his whole being”.

Harmonyum heals the heart and brings healing into the whole body.

How often I should receive this healing?

The ideal is one to two sessions for week. It is recommended begin, with a series of seven sessions to set the healing forces to correct the primary blocks, that are genetically inherited.This,set the platform from which lasting transformation and health can be achieved. The effects of each treatment enrich the next  one. Nothing is lost.

Receiving Harmonyum on a regular basis will connect you with your higher self. Then, your intuitive intelligence will cause you to have knowledge of those things that you need to know, those things that your soul requires most, those healing things that need to be done, along with the healthy thoughts you need to allow into your mind so that you can be in harmony with the Universe.

What happen after a series of sessions?

With each additional Harmonyum treatment, the body’s light progressively expands. Your aura becomes so large that in other dimensions your spiritual body exceeds the size of your human body. We exist on many levels; we not only have a physical presence in the material world, but we also affect the astral and divine worlds. We are primarily spiritual beings, and what we do, think, feel and believe creates a mark on the astral world as well as on the physical, thus the Hermetic axiom: “as above, so below and as below, so above,” which means that anything created on the astral world (emotions) must manifest in the material world.When we understand that the nature of suffering is not punishment, but rather an opportunity to learn, grow and become a better, more sensitive person, it is easier for us to bear it and receive its benefits. In other words, when we embrace the lessons that come with suffering, we raise our consciousness.

Has Harmonyum any contraindication?

It is safe to use for any health condition with no side effects or risk of pharmaceutical interactions.  Harmonyum may serve as a complimentary treatment for patients who may be undergoing other medical therapies, including cancer therapies, as part of palliative care.

Which are the benefits of regular Harmonyum treatments?

  • Unparalleled deep rest and inner peace (rejuvenating)
  • Superior health (revitalizing)
  • Building of stamina (energizing)
  • Accelerated recovery (long work week, jet lag, injuries, illnesses, heartbreak, nervous system/stress, fatigue etc.)
  • Recalibration of body and mind while bringing emotional balance
  • Increased mental and physical performance.

How long last a session?

It last one hour.

How I have to dress?

Comfortable clothes.

How I should prepare before a session?

It’s recommend don’t drink alcohol or any type of caffeine  (maximum 1 cup of coffee, if that is your best). Don’t have full stomach or being hungry.

What I should do after a session?

Take time for yourself. The best is do any activity  that keep you in a state of relaxation as walking, contemplation, writing, taking a nap and read an inspirational book.

What is the work the practitioner does in the treatment itself?

As an Harmonyum®  or Bio-Methapysical therapist I apply the laws of the Universe to the principles of healing. I see all physical imbalances as originated from the non-physical body. I work the science of healing the physical through the non-physical. I guide  and support the individual through his or hers own capacity of self healing. Harmonyum practitioners understand that the human body, is able to repair itself completely.

There are two essential components that are part of a healing process. First, one must understand the lesson of the disease. Every pain or disease we experience is a karmic manifestation. Indeed, each of us has had millions of lifetimes that created the karmic imprints affecting our current circumstances. Therefore, the root of disease and disorder has most likely originated in another lifetime and world. Second, I work raising the recipient’s vibratory frequency. In others words, in order for the body to effectively deal with disease, its vibration must be raised. This is why Harmonyum is essential to both healing and the maintenance of health. This raise in the energy field  causes your true wishes to manifest. Once the recipient’s consciousness has been raised, and the lesson learned, the disease or disorder will leave. Unfortunately, most people who call themselves healers do not understand the importance of these two factors. Therefore, instead of effecting real change in the recipient’s state of health, they simply create a pocket of time in which the disease is temporarily alleviated. What they are doing is in fact pushing the disease into the future. Inevitably, it will return – in the same form or in a different form, in this lifetime or the next.